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CISO MAG through the Power List has always been all ears to some great stories from infosec companies specializing in myriad spaces and sectors. The idea of the Power List has always been to give infosec enterprises that have established their foothold in the industry through innovation and versatility, a podium for exposure while they are featured in the catalogue of the world’s best companies. The companies enlisted by CISO MAG’s Power List go on to become the brands infosec leaders and professionals track and look up to.

And very consistently, CISO MAG has strived to outdo itself.

Following the success of the series of Power List over the last two years, CISO MAG is soon going to launch the Cloud Security Power List for 2020.

As the cloud enters its third decade in 2020 while being globally adopted by literally every enterprise, security of cloud migration and the adoption of public cloud offering have often been marred by several cyberattacks. Be it configuration glitches or data breaches by third party vendors, cloud security has been a constant concern for information security leaders. Several studies also stress on the fact that cloud security will be a top IT and organizational risk going into the new decade, alongside compliance with new data privacy regulations, company engagement of business continuity management and the ethics of advanced technologies.

As the new decade brings with it several windows of opportunities and betterment in the expanse of cloud security, the Cloud Security Power List will again recognize and venerate the guardians of the space who have formed multiple layers of defense to protect the cloud environment.

Become a part of the Power List and be among the best in the world.

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