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Former Information Security Bureaucrats, now cybersecurity top guns elsewhere

Government officials

The Information Security Officers who have walked through regency corridors are now assisting enterprises in constructing their cybersecurity retreats, as the increasing incidents of cyber heists continue to be a cause of worry for governments and businesses across the world. The last few years have seen top guns in bureaucracy changing gears to propel the cybersecurity infrastructure in different business domains. While Nathaniel Gleicher’s move to Facebook was received gladly, allowing for adoption of essential information security measures on the social media platform, stepping down of Cory Louie and Gregory Touhill on the other hand were not bargained for.

Announcements of ex-White House Information Security officers, former CISO Feds, even Homeland Security officers migrating into the commercial sectors are making regular news. Being actively signed by cybersecurity innovators, leading financial, healthcare, aerospace, and diverse professional service sectors, these information security professionals seem to be holding the reins tight against cybercrime. Here’s a list of some of these cyber custodians who have made their way from the red tape to the pecuniary world.

Cyber Defenders Past Title Current Designation
Dr. Alissa Johnson Deputy Chief Information Officer at Executive Office of the President at The White House


Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer at Xerox
Cory Louie Chief Information Security Officer at The White House Chief Information Security Officer at a confidential Healthcare firm
Jeremy Haas Cyber R&D and Telecom Officer at United States Air Force Chief Security Officer at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc.
Antoine Creux Inspector General at Ministry of the Armed Forces of France Director of Group Security at Société Générale
Michael Taxay 22 years in bureaucracy, last worked as Senior Advisor to Asst. Director, Cyber Division at the Federal Bureau of Investigation General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc.
Gregory Touhill United States Chief Information Security Officer. The first CISO of U.S. President of the Federal Group at Cyxtera Technologies
Drew Orsinger Protective Security Advisor at U.S. Department of Homeland Security Chief Security Officer at SpaceX
Macy Dennis Advisor to California Governor’s Cyber Taskforce Chief Security Officer at EVOTEK
Nathaniel Gleicher Director for Cybersecurity Policy at National Security Council of the White House


Head of Cybersecurity Policy at Facebook
James Turgal 21 years of service at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, last worked as Assistant Director Managing Director of Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte & Touche, LLC
Renitalynette K. Anderson 19 years in bureaucracy, last worked as Chief Technology Officer at Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board President at QuTech
David Ferbrache 17 years in establishment, last worked as Head of Cyber & Space at the UK Ministry of Defense Chief Technology Officer, Cyber at KPMG UK
Linda Walsh Supervisory Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Managing Director for Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP



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